The aFLoat program for Preserving Florida One Connection at a Time was designed with a dual purpose in mind:

  • The benefits of adopting electric vehicles eliminate our GHG emissions on transportation in order to prevent the devastating effects of sea level rise on Florida’s coastal cities.
  • With smart and innovative financing programs for qualified hosts, such as the Host Agreement and the Rental Plan, we facilitate the adoption of the well needed charging infrastructure.

As Property owners and managers face the need to provide EV charging amenity, they are commonly puzzled among three options:

  1. To purchase and install new equipment, which represents a large capital outlay to be born by all residents (not fair), with would consume resources from property managers to operate and unfamiliar technology.
  2. To let individual residents pay for their own private chargers, with the inconvenience that these “private” units will get connected to community electrical panel, limiting its capacity.
  3. To let professional experts – OBE Power – offer EV Charging as a Service at to cost to the Property, so only EV Drivers will pay for charging sessions. Just imagine having a clean fuel station where you live.

With the aFLoat EV Charging as a Service Program from OBE Power, qualifying properties will get:

  1. Equipment Credit that covers the cost of the smart & universal EV charging station, network service and warranties
  2. Make Ready Credit up to a certain amount to cover the cost of the design, permitting and installation of the electrical set up
  3. Zero operational costs for the Term of the agreement – 100% reimbursement of electricity costs
  4. Revenue Sharing: Participation on the Carbon Credit Income plan
  5. Quarterly Date Reports: number of users, charging sessions, length of sessions and energy dispensed.

EV Charging is Good for Your Business